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Four Tips That Can Help Your Home Sell Quickly

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Your house is already in a great location, away from a major highway, close to schools and several churches, and on a street that’s easy to get to so your visitors don’t have to listen to the voice on their GPS tells them what to do every 500 feet. Rule number one in real estate never changes: location, location, location.

But what’s overlooked is all the other small rules that support it, such as finding a good agent, determining the best time to put your home on the market, pricing it appropriately, and performing all the quick maintenance to make your house beautiful and ready to sell.

Get a Good Agent First

According to the Forbes Real Estate Council, good realtors know your area. They listen, communicate, and have a team of assistants to support them. Good agents also should know your timeframe to buy and sell, and be willing to provide a list of at least 20 references. In addition, a good agent can help you determine the projects that can get your home in shape for a quick sale.

List It During the Best Time of the Year (According to Your Realtor = ME)

According to the results of one survey, the best time of the year to put your house up for sale is during the spring months: March, April, and May. However, in some parts of the country, winter sometimes hangs around through March, and April can be soggy with rain, as can May. That said, the best time to sell depends on where you live, which means the great realtor you’ve chosen knows exactly the best time of the year in which to list your home in your market.

Make Sure the Price Is Right

Next time you’re driving through a neighborhood with some homes for sale, notice the ones that have “new price” or “reduced” on their for sale signs. Chance are those houses were overpriced for the market. To keep from overpricing your home, spend some time on the internet researching sale prices for homes similar to yours, or pick up a couple of free listings magazines at your grocery store. In short, do a little research comparing such things as square footage, age, and lot size to get a good idea of an asking price. You’ll want to share the information with your realtor to see if they agree.

Make It Attractive

You can perform some small, yet essential, maintenance tasks on (and in) your house to make sure it looks as good as possible for potential buyers. If it is on the market during the spring and summer months, make sure the lawn is cut and trimmed and raked regularly. If the house has vinyl or aluminum siding, power wash the dirt from it. Clean the gutters and clear all downspouts. Wash all windows (inside and out) and make sure they are caulked and sealed and that they close properly. If your home doesn’t already have a fence, now might be the perfect time to install one because home buyers with pets and/or kids will appreciate the security fence offers. Lumber will usually cost between $7 and $15 per foot for this job, and labor typically runs $30 - $50 an hour (depending on the fence’s design).

Inside, keep the bathrooms clean and caulk all areas around the tub and washbasin if necessary. Lubricate the door hinges, deep-clean the carpet, and keep the furniture dusted. If you own pets, make sure that there aren’t any lingering odors from them.

Once your house is clean and staged, have your realtor or a professional take some pictures of it so you can showcase it on the Internet. If you go with a professional, expect to spend $100 - $300 a shoot.

Getting your home ready to sell is a matter of finding the right realtor, putting it up for sale during the optimal time for your market, and settling on a selling price that will be profitable for you and affordable for a potential buyer. It’s important to perform some basic maintenance to make the house as attractive as possible. With all of that in place, you’ll have a better chance to sell.

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